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They are both famous, can have the most beautiful and expensive gown every bride dreams of, can have the tallest cake with real diamonds instead of icing flowers, can invite all the popular celebrities in the industry… basically everything to have the most grandiose wedding of the century… Yet they chose to have the simplest yet most amazing kind—Angelina wears a very simple gown with their kids’ doodles, Brad wears a suit from his closet and borrowed a tie from their son because he forgot it, a cute cake baked by one of their kids, invited very few guests, and secretly celebrated it in a place away from paparazzis. Finally being in the most important event with all their kids (even if biologically not their own), you can see the love, happiness and contentment in their eyes…
I think it’s one of the best weddings I have ever known.♥ Congratulations BrAngelina :) I’m not a very big fan but I admire your love for your family…